LAMBS, a rock trio formed in Tornio, Finland during the cold winter of 1994, are loud and proud members of the international rock n’ roll war machine. Lambs fight for the common cause among their brothers in arms. (Motörhead, Rose Tattoo, Corrosion of Conformity and AC/DC just to name some of the veterans.)

From the day one founding members A. on guitar & Tommy on bass have been working hard to reach their goal, which is to be able to write, perform and to record songs they want without making any compromises artistically or technically.

A., Tommy and half man, half beast and half overclocked drum machine Timo, who joined the ranks for the 5th album Twist of Pain, reached their goal, February 2011 with the 6th Lambs album Short on Leash and Still Running.

Now with their tanks full of gasoline and guns loaded with silver bullets, Lambs are ready to take it to the next level … stay tuned.

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